Views of Allergists on the Effects of Climate Change

by 4C

The George Mason Program on Climate and Health collaborated with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI) to assess their members' knowledge, attitudes, and experiences with the health effects of climate change and their preferred actions.

Key Findings:
  • A large majority of AAAAI members believe climate change is happening, and that it is relevant to direct patient care. 
  • A large majority of AAAAI members report that their patients are experiencing a wide range of health effects from climate change.
  • Most AAAAI members perceive that certain groups are more vulnerable to the health effects of climate change than others.
  • Most AAAAI members want more information about climate change and health for themselves and others, and feel that medical societies and physicians should advocate for action to prevent climate change impacts on health.
  • Half or more of AAAAI members feel that their actions can make a difference in responding to climate change.
  • Among AAAAI members, the most trusted source of information about climate and health is AAAAI itself, but a strong majority trust a range of other sources as well.  
  • Most AAAAI members feel that the U.S. should take significant steps to reduce the impacts of climate change and protect people from its harmful health effects.