Bob Inglis Featured on New Weather Channel Series

by 4C

Bob Inglis Featured on New Weather Channel Series
Former U.S. Representative, Bob Inglis (R-SC)

The Weather Channel has released a new series called "The Climate 25: Conversations With 25 Of The Smartest Voices on Climate, Security, Energy and Peace."

Our Mason 4C colleague Bob Inglis was one of the 25 individuals included along with fellow conservatives Henry Paulson, Christine Todd Whitman and Eli Lehrer, among others. More about the "Climate 25" project below...

"While the long-term effects of climate change are broadly agreed upon - an increase in extreme weather and changes to once-consistent weather patterns - the short-term effects can be difficult to pinpoint. 'Was this particular storm caused or exacerbated by climate change?' is often unknowable."

"All of the interview subjects of Climate 25 are speaking based on the fact that climate change is happening. They come from business and military leaders, from people who have seen firsthand the power of severe weather, and even from some perhaps-unexpected voices in American politics. These videos are also the culmination of a year-long project looking at climate change as a real-world problem that will require creative solutions from all points on the political spectrum."

Watch Bob's video and story "The Republican Orthodoxy Is Changing."