GMU's Most Formidable Team: GMU Forensics

by Elizabeth Wheeler

Did you know that in order to be on the most successful competitive team at Mason you do not have to be athletic? The forensics team ranks above the basketball and gymnastics teams in competitiveness.

Forensics is a form of competitive speaking. At each tournament, there are 11 events within three categories: limited preparation, public address, and interpretation. To prepare for their events, the team has exclusive access to a large room in the Communication Department so each member can practice, perform, or even socialize. When everyone has practiced and is ready to go, the team travels across the United States or even internationally to get to their event. Their trip is typically funded by the university; the only thing the students have to pay for is their food.

Forensics is for anyone. The current team has people from all over the country studying a broad range of subjects. Their majors vary from communication, arts, and government. Team members say that anyone can find this fun, and although there is a large time commitment each week, they always show up ready and willing.