Kreps Wins Eastern Communication Association's Centennial Scholar of Health Communication Award

Mason Communication Professor Honored

by The Communication Department

During the annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association, George Mason University professor Dr. Gary Kreps was honored as one of the of the association's Centennial Scholars.

Participants in the ceremony to honor Dr. Kreps highlighted examples of how he has personally influenced their work, their lives, and the field of health communication.

His successful teaching, mentoring and scholarly publications have had a profound impact on countless students, faculty, and health care consumers and practitioners. His unique ability to identify future scholars and help them successfully mold their careers has significantly contributed to the health care communication profession.

As an internationally known scholar, Dr. Kreps has personally developed a prolific line of research and has promoted the communication discipline both in the United States and throughout the world.

His career has spanned prominent universities and government agencies. He was employed by the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, Hofstra University, University of Nevada, Rutgers University, Indiana University at Indianapolis, and Purdue University.

Dr. Kreps currently has more than 300 publications, including books, monographs, edited volumes, scholarly articles and book chapters.

Dr. Kreps has become one of the country's leading experts in Health and Risk Communication, Health Promotion, Interactive Health Information Systems, and Multicultural Relations.