#MasonCOMM PR Team Says “Ready to do it again!”

Sadler-Ramirez duo competed in the first ICCO University PR World Cup

by Suzanne Lowery Mims

#MasonCOMM PR Team Says “Ready to do it again!”

 While Leeds-Beckett University won the Gold Medal in the first ICCO University PR World Cup, the #MasonCOMM duo of Rylee Sadler and Alexander Ramirez says that they were winners, too.

“It was fun, in a crazy kind of way,” said Rylee. “It tested how well we could brainstorm and produce a plan under pressure, like we were on the job.” Alex said it was an invaluable experience and that he’s ready to take on other competitions like this one.

Student teams from around the globe gathered for an online briefing to learn that their client was the World Wildlife Fund. Next Sadler and Ramirez met online with their Singapore-based mentor, Heather Seet, and, 72 hours later they submitted  a full-blown plan and video pitch.


Seet, who won the 2021 Next Gen PR World Cup, said the #MasonCOMM team had “good nuance of thought in the presented strategy and in the way they built a multi-step campaign.” She also said that the plan could easily have been put together by a young professional instead of undergrad students.

Professor Suzanne Lowery Mims, who sponsored the team, applauded their spirit of adventure and creativity. “Their pitch included a true ‘big idea’ but one that could be implemented in a results-oriented, disciplined PR manner. #MasonCOMM could not be more proud of their participation in this competition.”

Mason is a member of the Public Relations and Communications Association @PRCA and sits on its International University Advisory Group. The ICCO University World Cup is a PRCA-led initiative. The ICCO is the International Communications Consultancy Organisation represents 3000+PR firms in 82 countries worldwide. 

Rylee Sadler, Class of '24, is a Communication major with a minor in Japanese, which she'll strengthen when she studies abroad in Japan. She has interned with @WashingtonExec, spent years as a surf instructor, and takes an active role in campus organizations. Alexander Ramirez, also active on campus, will graduate in 2023 with a major in Social Work and a minor in Communication. He is also an actor and is interning in social media and UX design for @Stride, Inc.