#MasonCOMM Enters the First ICCO University PR World Cup Competition

by Suzanne Mims

#MasonCOMM Enters the First ICCO University PR World Cup Competition
It takes an adventurous spirit and a whole lot of time management to enter a global PR competition in the last few weeks of a semester. That's precisely what drove #MasonCOMM's team of Rylee Sadler and Alexander Ramirez to accept the challenge. And now, they are in it.

A 7 a.m. EST briefing call kicked off the inaugural ICCO University World Cup Competition 2022. Ten teams from five countries received the rules and the "brief" outlining the client and its objectives. Now, the student teams have three days to turn around a campaign pitch. Video pitches and slidestack PDFs must be submitted by noon, Nov. 17. Winners will earn a paid agency internship and prominent exposure via industry websites and podcasts. 

"This is the real deal. The ICCO is giving students the chance to see how they respond under time constraints and stay true to the discipline of PR. At the same time, they get to apply academic lessons on aligning strategy to meet measurable objectives," said #MasonCOMM Professor Suzanne Lowery Mims, who sponsored the team. "Plus, they are a creative pair. I know they'll also have fun with it."

Mason is a member of the Public Relations and Communications Association @PRCA and sits on its International University Advisory Group. The ICCO University World Cup is a PRCA-led initiative. The ICCO is the International Communications Consultancy Organisation represents 3000+PR firms in 82 countries worldwide. 
Rylee Sadler, Class of '24, is a Communication major with a minor in Japanese, which she'll strengthen when she studies abroad in Japan. She has interned with @WashingtonExecutive, spent years as a surf instructor, and takes an active role in campus organizations. Alexander Ramirez, also active on campus, will graduate in 2023 with a major in Social Work and a minor in Communication. He is also an actor and is interning in social media and UX design for @Stride,
Results will be announced November 23, 2022.
Team #MasonCOMM