Taking Advantage of Mason's Resources

by Zhengyi Zhi

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a double concentration in Public Relations and Media Production from George Mason University in December 2021. I am currently working as a social media intern for the Paper and Packaging Board.  In 2022 Fall, I will begin my graduate degree in Public Relations at New York University.

As a student majoring in public relations, Mason’s Communication curriculum helped me gain lots of hands-on experience with social media campaigns.  I learned how to process collected data through carrying out the drafting and integration of questionnaires in Excel and undertaking the work of statistics by using infographics, posters, and surveys to promote the campaign. All the class projects and research I did in class formed an essential part of my portfolio. Two projects that stand out are the advertising campaign from COMM 375 Digital Advertising with Professor Siller and the public campaign from COMM 331 Public Relations Campaign with Professor Wenks. As a social intern, the class COMM 384 PR & Social Media with Professor Mims helped me practice different strategic uses of social networking tools and sites and better understand social listening.

I would like to suggest to all the current undergraduates to take every class seriously. Some of the classes or assignments may be difficult or boring at the moment, but they all will be valuable resources for you in the future. Before you graduate, don't waste Mason's learning resources, like the Communication Center, the Career Center and the Writing Center. You will miss all those free resources after you graduate. Last but not least, stay close to your professors and classmates; they always have your back.