Intercultural Communication in Paris

Winter Break 2022

Mason Study Abroad is offering students to take COMM 307 “Intercultural Communication for Organizational Contexts”, in Paris France during Winter break (January 3 – 19, 2022), worth 3 credits.  The program is structured to provide learning inside and outside of the classroom, with breakfasts included so that you can start off the day energized for the learning experience!  During weekday mornings we will learn about organizations and culture in a classroom context and in the afternoons we will go on day trips to museums and historical sites.  In your free time in the afternoon and on weekends, you can do observations for your ethnography projects and visit other sites or travel individually.   

Intercultural COMM in Paris

A former program participant created this video that highlights their experience:  

You will learn skills applicable to organizations in an intercultural context that will highlight your resume!  Employers like to hire applicants with diverse experiences, as they help to bring new perspectives, so studying and traveling abroad will be beneficial.  Graduate students can get 3 graduate credits for COMM 696 for completing a graduate version of this course.

More details are available on the GMU Study Abroad website. 

You may contact Esther Yook at with questions about the curriculum, or contact the program officer Jess Ostrowski-Wright with administrative questions about financial aid, scholarships, etc.