#MasonCOMM Journalism Coordinator, Kate Sweeney,

by Jennifer Shaskan

#MasonCOMM Journalism Coordinator, Kate Sweeney,

Kate Sweeney is a Professor and the Journalism Program Coordinator in the Department of Communication. In this role she serves as the primary contact point for journalism instructors to motivate curriculum changes and updates.

As one of our professors, Sweeney teaches several courses covering different elements of journalism. These courses include: Introduction to Journalism (204), Broadcast Journalism, Writing Across the Media (303), Multimedia Journalism (369), Journalism Law (475) as well as several courses for the Honors College. Sweeney enjoys teaching a variety of courses because it grants her the opportunity to interact and learn from students. She claims that her overarching goal for students enrolled in any of her courses is to “spark their curiosity, help them find what their interests and niche, and how they can apply that thing they love to the communication industry.”

Additionally, Sweeney is the faculty point person for the department’s Insight Committee. This committee is comprised of area professionals from within various communication industries volunteering their time to help our students transition into the workforce. In doing so, the committee hosts several forums each year. These events give students the opportunity to engage with these volunteers and guest speakers to seek career mentoring and learn the truth about the industries they plan to enter. Sweeney said, “We have some people who are really dedicated, have great contacts and great experience so I’m excited to be a part of this both for myself as a professional but mainly for the students to gain these practical professional connections.”

In her spare time, Sweeney enjoys being outdoors with her four-legged friends—her dog and her horses. She has spent her lift surrounded by horses competing at a high level and training young horses to be sold for competition later. She also enjoys hiking, biking, and anything that takes her to the mountains.

For students entering the workforce, Sweeney offers two important pieces of advice. The first is to “be curious. Curiosity shows and active and flexible mind” which is what employers are looking for. The second, is that “a job doesn’t give your life meaning, you bring meaning to the job.”

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