Lichter's Look at Gutfeld's New Late Night Show

Lichter's Look at Gutfeld's New Late Night Show

Prof. S. Robert Lichter has been a member of the Dept. of Communication faculty since 2004 and is an expert in media, politics and how the two intersect.

He was quoted in an LA Times piece, dated April 5, 2021, where he discussed a new late-night talk show, Gutfeld!, hosted by Fox.  The article states that, "The new show will resemble what Gutfeld, 56, has done since 2015 on his own weekly Saturday night program, “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” delivering irreverent commentary and sketches that tweak liberals, Hollywood celebrities, cancel culture and the mainstream media (i.e., the network’s competition)."

Lichter, author of Politics Is a Joke: How Late Night Comedians Are Remaking Politics, "believes there is an opening for a right-leaning host not looking to please their like-minded Hollywood peers."

“There are a lot of conservatives out there who are not watching late-night monologues because they object to the ideological tilt,” Lichter said. “Republicans love to make fun of liberals, and they don’t have anybody to do it for them on TV. This should be a natural match.”

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