#MasonComm Celebrates Our Administrative Professionals: Megan Edmondson

by Jennifer Shaskan

#MasonComm Celebrates Our Administrative Professionals:  Megan Edmondson

Megan Edmondson is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Communication. In this role she is responsible for administrative functions in the office, event planning, and is part of the social media team for the department. With these several roles, no two days are the same for Edmonson but her favorite part are the different people she works with each day.  She explained, “I just love how friendly my coworkers are. They make it a fun work environment not only for me but for everyone.”

Edmondson joined the department in 2016 after her graduation from James Madison University. While her roles vary day to day, Covid-19 has truly changed the way the department functions over the past year requiring our administrative staff to adapt to a new normal. In this new state of things, Edmondson’s focus has shifted from coordinating in-person events to promoting and coordinating virtual ones held over Zoom.

As part of the department’s social media team, Edmondson creates content promoting events and the department across several platforms. Catherine Wright, Undergraduate Program Director, explains that having Edmondson on the team is wonderful because “she has this amazing ability to understand what we are trying to do and puts that into action by creating the perfect graphics and visuals for it.”

In addition to the challenges of Covid-19, our administrative staff has worked hard to coordinate our department’s move from North East Module I to Horizon Hall. Edmonson viewed this move as a learning experience that required a lot of communication and effort from the administrative staff. “I’m glad I got to be a part of that because I never realized how much goes into a departmental move or how hard it would be” explained Edmondson.

One piece of advice Edmondson offers to students is to “live in the moment of where you’re at right now, take advantage of where you’re at in the moment you’re in right now, and then the jobs will come.”