#MasonCOMM Grad Students Have Study Published

by Briana Stewart

#MasonCOMM Grad Students Have Study Published
During my MA, I had the opportunity to take Dr. Melissa Broeckelman-Post's Comm 750: Quantitative Methods course with Chelsea Rossheim. At the time, Chelsea and I worked together at Communication Center Coordinators and combined our experiences in the center with data Melissa provided to create the paper that was eventually molded into this publication.
In addition to this publication, we also presented this paper, in its early stages, to the Communication Center Division at the National Communication Assocation's 2020 Conference. Special thanks to Melissa for all her help and guidance throughout this process! 
Article Summary (Pulled from the Abstract): 
The purpose of this study was to better understand the relationship between visiting a communication center and taking an introductory communication course on student public-speaking anxiety, goal orientation, and motivation. Results showed that, for students who reported medium and high levels of public-speaking anxiety at the beginning of the semester and before visiting the communication center, the communication center helped reduce their levels of anxiety, whereas students with low levels of reported public-speaking anxiety did not report as much of a difference in their anxiety levels after visiting the communication center.
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