2017 #MasonCOMM Alum Natalia Kolenko

by Natalia Kolenko

2017 #MasonCOMM Alum  Natalia Kolenko
Natalia Kolenko graduated George Mason University (GMU) in Spring 2017 with a double major in Communication (Journalism concentration) and Global Affairs (Environment concentration).

In the fall after graduation, Kolenko started working with D.C.-based lifestyle publication District Fray Magazine (formerly On Tap Magazine) as part of their editorial and sales staff, and also helped kick-start the student-lead media website College Media Network.
Currently, she is a Web Content Specialist for the medical education company Clinical Care Options, based out of Reston, VA. Kolenko continues to talk to several of her classmates and professors from her time in the Comm department and credits the relationships she made in the program with helping her find several of her internships and jobs. She continues to write as well, occasionally freelancing with District Fray and hopes to expand to other publications in the future.

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