Earn the Edge Over Your Job-Seeking Peers by Joining the Honors in Communication Sequence

by Catherine Wright

Each student who graduates with a B.A. in Communication from George Mason University (GMU) must take a research methods course, COMM 400. For high-achieving students seeking an edge over their peers when job seeking, applying to a BAM (bachelor to MA) program, or applying to graduate school, the Department offers an Honors in Communication Research sequence. Students who have earned a 3.25 overall and a 3.50 in their Communication major are eligible to apply to this program in their junior or senior year. The program runs fall and spring each year and admits 15 total students.

There are numerous advantages to engaging in research at the undergraduate level. One of the best reasons for joining this program is that you will receive one-on-one instruction, feedback, assistance, and support from Dr. Cai, a tenured professor with an extensive research background. When asked why students should consider taking this course, Dr. Cai replied, “Taking a year-long honors methods class demonstrates your commitment to excellence in your major. Most of the honors students also present their original research at conferences. There is no better way of showing future employers your potential."

Each year only 5 percent of our total communication graduates attain the Honors in Communication designation on their transcript and diploma. Many present their research at conferences in Virginia and along the east coast. Presenting your research makes a tangible difference in your attractiveness to grad schools, jobs, and internships to which you might apply. Often students can receive partial funding for these trips through Mason’s OSCAR program.

For more information about how the Honors in Communication (COMM 490 & COMM 491) program can help you, please reach out to Dr. Cai at xcai@gmu.edu and make an appointment with your academic advisor here (https://communication.acuityscheduling.com/)

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