Faculty Feature: Role Brings New Challenges to Wright

by Jennifer Shaskan

Faculty Feature:  Role Brings New Challenges to Wright

This week’s Faculty Feature highlights the work of our Undergraduate Program Director and Associate Professor Dr. Catherine Wright. Having previously served as our Undergraduate Advising Director for over nine years, Wright is excited about this new role because, “it gives me the opportunity to help students in a different way. I get to help students reach their goals by making sure the undergraduate program offers them the most support we can give.”   

In her role as undergraduate program director, Wright has organized the department’s first social media team, collaborated on recruitment endeavors, and advises students interested in the Bachelor’s Accelerated Masters (BAM) program and those who are under 2.0 GPA. “While I loved my time as the Undergraduate Academic Advising Director, I hope that in my new role, I will continue to make each student feel important and that they matter as an integral part of our program” said Wright.

Additionally, Wright teaches three courses each semester focusing on Persuasion, the promotional aspects of communication (PR), and media theory and history. Wright said, “It’s so exciting to see where we were and everything that we had to go through as a society or as a culture, not just here but throughout the world to get to where we are.”

Another big passion of Wright’s is leading students on the study abroad trip to Milan (when Covid-19 restrictions are not in place) where students can earn 6 credits toward their degree. Since 2008, Wright has led students on a trip that encompasses communication and media learning with a once in a lifetime cultural experience. “Being able to offer students this study abroad trip makes them a better student and a better global citizen because it offers them the opportunity to experience and live something that’s not in vacation mode,” said Wright.

Wright’s advice for current students is to meet with Career Services and use the resources available on their website. “Someone will review your resume, help you work on a cover letter, and run through interview questions with you… They can help people with internships, jobs or graduate school programs. So from the time you come to Mason, get to know somebody in career services and then use them consistently throughout your time at Mason.”