Olivia Vermane is our Student Spotlight: 5/12/21

Olivia Vermane is our Student Spotlight:  5/12/21
Student spotlight – Olivia Vermane
Fun fact:
I have a black belt in ninjutsu!
Journalism Concentration, Religious Studies Minor
Favorite course or professor and why:
Journalism Law with Prof Kate Sweeney! I loved the content of the course, and Prof Sweeney's teaching is super comprehensive and fun!
Career / grad school goals?:
I will be starting graduate school at Duke University in the fall for a Master of Divinity with the goal of becoming a pastor.
Why MasonCOMM?:
I absolutely love the diversity of the MasonCOMM department. Whether you want to go into journalism, public relations, or you're unsure, there is something for you within MasonCOMM. The faculty are absolutely wonderful, and I could not have asked for a better four years.
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