Hannah Kanfer Student Spotlight: 3/31/21

by Hannah Kanfer

Hannah Kanfer Student Spotlight:  3/31/21

This week our Student Spotlight is Hannah Kanfer!

Where are you from:
Avon, Connecticut

Fun fact:
I love to cook and bake in my free time!

Journalism with a minor in Art.

Favorite course or professor and why:
COMM 396 – (Milan Study Abroad) Special Topics in Mass Comm; this is one of the most valuable classes I took and helped prepare me the most for my career life.

Career/grad school goals?
I'd love to work in a position where I can actively use my creative talents and have my writing shine.

Why did you choose MasonCOMM?
I knew from the beginning there was no better place for me than MasonCOMM, the department from the professors, to my classmates made me feel at home.

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