Student Spotlight: 3/24/21

Student Spotlight:  3/24/21

Student Spotlight: Sarah Proctor

Fun Fact: Sarah is a Communication Ambassador!

Career goals: Public Relations Specialist for Outreach and Education

Favorite class: Character Assassination and Reputation Management in Public Relations. I really enjoyed this special topic class; we were able to present how we would repair a celebrity image in current news.

Favorite experience: Italian Society, Culture and Media study abroad in Milan, Italy with Dr. Wright!

Why #MasonCOMM? Mason COMM has become my home that I have flourished in. I was able to learn so much about myself, my future career and experience so much with this degree. From studying abroad and making memories that last a lifetime, to landing internships that provided necessary experience that lines with my future career goals, Mason COMM has helped me solidified my future path and career goals while refining myself and skills for the future, whatever it might hold.