Student Spotlight: March 10, 2021 Peter Figueroa

Student Spotlight:  March 10, 2021  Peter Figueroa

Meet this week's MasonCOMM Student Spotlight: Peter Figueroa!

Fun fact about yourself? I transferred here from Nassau Community College in New York and compete on Mason’s nationally ranked Forensics team.

Concentration /minors: political communication with a minor in theater performance

Career/grad school goals?: I am looking to continue my studies in rhetoric, performance and politics, as well as work in public affairs

What was your favorite course or professors? Comm 300 Rhetorical Theory & Criticism and Comm 454 Free Speech and Ethics

Why choose #MasonCOMM? Mason’s Communication program provides the opportunity to study the multitude of ways communication plays a crucial role in our everyday lives just outside the capitol!

Any advice to younger students? Don’t just look at your professors ratemyprofessor. Look into their work. Understanding what your professors’ research interests are can help give you a snapshot into who they are and can go a long way in helping build relationships with them.

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