Student Spotlight: March 3, 2021 Isabelle Barrett

by Isabelle Barrett

Student Spotlight:  March 3, 2021  Isabelle Barrett

Student Spotlight - Isabelle Barrett

Major/Concentration: Communication with a concentration in PR and Journalism
Where are they from: From Brooklyn, NY but I live in Haymarket, VA
Career goals: I love writing, editing, and social media. Anything that will get me working with creative clients and amazing communication professionals, I’m there!
Favorite class or professor: I never learned more than when I was in Intercultural Communication with Dr. Otusanya. Overall, my favorite professor is Dr. Megan Tucker, of course! I’d take any class with her because I know I am going to walk out thinking critically about something.
Any clubs/organizations/sports you are involved in?: I love being a @masoncomm and @georgemasonchss ambassador! I also do PR for our best on campus talk show, The Spill! Check it out @thespillgmu I also have to give some love to GMU FCA @gmufca for having the best events and the most welcoming people!
Why #MasonCOMM?: Mason COMM has given me the best friends, the best classes, and the best life lessons. Everyone can get something out of our classes. If COMM 100/100 inspires you even a little bit, you should definitely consider a major in communication.