Creative Careers Week

Creative Careers Week

Students are invited to explore careers in the creative industries during this week of professional development events!

Please see Handshake for more information!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2021 2:30 EST:

Making Your Way in the Arts

• Get answers to your questions about the job outlook for careers in the arts.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2021 5 pm EST:

Pursue a Career in Video Game Production

• Game design professionals share insight into how to pursue a career in the game industry.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2021 Noon EST: How to Network at Virtual Fairs

• Tour Airmeet, the networking platform used for the Media, Arts, Design, & Communications Career Fair on March 18.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2021 2 pm EST: Social Media Management

• Social media managers share insight into creating content that aligns with their company’s brand.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2021 4 pm EST: How to Land a Career in Media and PR

• Ask questions and learn from professionals what it takes to make a career in public relations and journalism.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Noon EST: Market Yourself with a Wix Website

• Take your portfolio to the next level with Wix. All attendees get a 1-year FREE Wix premium plan!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2021 2 pm EST: One-on-One Portfolio Reviews

• Sign up for one-on-one critique from professionals who design websites for a living.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2021 5:30 pm EST: Careers in Technology and UX Design

• Learn how to apply your creative skills to a career in app development and user experience.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2021 11 am EST: Write Your Own Story

• Published authors take you through the creative process of drafting your own written works and getting published.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2021 4 pm EST: Be Your Own Boss

• In this session, creative entrepreneurs share ideas on how to earn an income from your side hustles.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2021 4 pm EST/1 pm PST: Mason to Hollywood

• Mason alumni filmmakers and screenwriters discuss their path from Mason to Hollywood and how to break into the business.