Congratulations to the Mason COMM Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the Mason COMM Class of 2020!

Greetings Mason COMM! We've done it!! 


We've made it through the most challenging semester ever. Every Spring the Department of Communication holds an Awards Ceremony to celebrate some of the most notable achievements of our students and to honor their hard work and accomplishments.

Since we can't do that this year, we've produced four tribute videos. Please join us in celebrating, not just the students and faculty featured in these videos, but all of our wonderful students and faculty.

MasonCOMM is a community of dedicated, high-achieving, flexible, and compassionate people who come together in our shared commitment for excellence in communication. 

MasonCOMM family, we salute you!

For the playlist of all the award videos please click here.


Undergraduate COMM Award Videos:

Academic Achievement:

Special Achievement:

Journalism and PR:



Grad COMM Awards: