Student Video Brings #MasonComm to Life: "This is Mason COMM"

Student Video Brings #MasonComm to Life: "This is Mason COMM"

The faces and voices of Mason students majoring in communication shine through in a new student-produced video, "We Are #Mason COMM."

Senior Alexandra Tubell created the video as part of COMM 411, Public Relations Practicum, in which students worked as the in-house PR agency for the communication department.  They brainstormed various message strategies and ultimately developed the theme line "Collaborate. Create. Communicate." which has been adopted and incorporated into the department's brand.

"This video showcases our students' many talents, interests and diversity," said Communication Department Chair Anne Nicotera. "This will help incoming students better understand the value and flexibility of a communication degree."

PR Practicum Professor Suzanne Lowery Mims called Tubell's creation "a near perfect execution of strategy." She said, "Our goal was to present the many different ways students study communication at Mason, from their concentrations to internships to research. This video does that in just 75 seconds."

PR Practicum students also launched an outreach program to local high schools, created a recruitment slidestack and helped the department develop a stronger social media presence.


Watch the video: