Mason Forensics Team Triumphs Again

Mason Forensic's Team places third in the Nation at the American Forensics Association National Tournament

For the 29th time in the last 40 years, Mason Forensics has finished in the top five nationally!  The team has just returned from the American Forensics Association National Tournament and the team placed third in the nation.

Mason Senior Nathan Leys is the overall National Champion Speaker. This is the seventh time in 40 years a Mason Forensics student has been named the National Individual Sweepstakes Champion. Joining Nathan among the top seven speakers in the nation were seniors Emma Bleker (fifth nationally) and Samantha Jordan (seventh nationally). No other school in the country can boast three of the top seven speakers and three individual National Championships including the overall top speaker.

The team also garnered three individual event National Championships:

Extemporaneous Speaking National Champion: Nathan Leys

Dramatic Duo National Champions: Mernine Ameris and Stephen Durosaiye

Communication Analysis National Champion: Nathan Leys

With eleven National Final rounds, 21 National Semifinals, and 34 National Quarterfinals, Mason Forensics was embroiled in the tightest race for the top four schools in the history of Forensics. These students bring great honor to Mason Forensics team Legacy and to the amazing institution they represent.