College of Humanities and Social Sciences


MA in Communication

Whether an organization is rolling out a new product, lobbying policy makers, promoting good health, or building stronger relationships with stakeholders, effective communication is the key to success. But which message is the right message? How should the message be framed? What media or distribution channels stand the best chance of reaching and influencing the target audience?

The M.A. in Communication program seeks to answer these questions by examining processes of human communication in increasingly complex social and technological environments. Overall, the program offers four distinct areas of focus: 

  • Strategic communication/public relations
  • Health communication
  • Science communication
  • Individualized communication studies

Across all specializations, students receive a strong foundation in communication theory and also learn to design, execute, and interpret rigorous communication research. Our M.A. students are then challenged in their specialized coursework to examine the critical role communication plays in everyday life and to apply this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of communication campaigns, strategies, and interventions.


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