Q: Who is my advisor?

You are not assigned any one particular advisor. The current list of advisors can be found on our undergraduate academic advising webpage. While other professors may advise you in your individual concentration, it is important to see one of the main advisors in order to ensure you are meeting your general education and upper division requirements.

Q: How do I get advised?

Please go to the undergraduate academic advising webpage, and sign up for an appointment using the calendar. 

Q: Why is academic advising important?

  • Update your progress towards graduation
  • Establish an academic action plan and discuss potential career goals
  • Learn about academic policies and hard-to-decipher information
  • Learn about minors, internships, activities and job opportunities

Q: What section of English 302 am I required to take?

There is no restriction on which section of English 302 communication majors may take. The English Department recommends 302 Humanities because the course is meant to help students with their research writing in their major coursework. However, Communication covers many disciplines, and some majors may be better suited for 302 Business, 302 Social Science or 302 Natural Science. ENGL 302 is also offered as an online course.

Q: Anything else?

Yes! If you are a communication major and you are interested in learning more about career opportunities, including available internships, upcoming events and communication department news, please sign up to join our undergraduate listserv. You can join in one of two ways:

  • Sending an email to listserv@listserv.gmu.edu. Type “subscribe COMMSTUDENT-L your first name your last name” in the body of your message but leave the subject line blank. You will receive a confirmation message via email asking you to confirm your subscription request.
  • You can also join by following these four easy steps:
    • Go to http://listserv.gmu.edu/cgi-bin/wa
    • Select List Archives
    • Select the list to which you wish to subscribe (COMMSTUDENT-L)
    • Select Join. Note: the email you enter on the web form must match the FROM address supplied by your email system.