Comm 101

Comm 101 students are required to visit the Communication Center at least once during the semester. Additional visits to the Communication Center can count towards the required research credits.

To make the most of your appointment at the Communication Center, students should come prepared to do substantial work on their assignment. Students should come with materials for the assignment they wish to work on, such as an outline, PowerPoint, or specific questions about their assignment. If unprepared, students will not be given credit for attending the communication center. Additionally, if a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will not earn credit for their appointment, and their appointment may be given to someone else if walk-ins are waiting.


All George Mason students are welcome to use the Communication Center. The Communication Center Coaches are trained to help with general communication aspects including; public speaking, verbal and non-verbal delivery, outlining, research, visual aids, partner and group presentations, and other communication skills. Students who wish to use the Communication Center to work on an assignment should bring the rubric, assignment description, or other relevant materials.

To schedule an appointment, follow the steps below:

  1. Register with us online
  2. Login to our online scheduler, and
  3. Make an appointment.

*White boxes are the slots available for you to schedule an appointment. Green = unavailable times, blue (f2f) & red (zoom) = already booked appointments.



Any faculty members who wish to learn more about how their students can use the Communication Center please email Our staff undergo weekly training and we welcome any faculty member who wishes to learn more about the center to visit us during these trainings. If a faculty member wishes to start sending their students to the Communication Center, our center coordinator can incorporate class specific information into these weekly trainings.