On campus, we provide a safe place for students to receive feedback, ask questions, and have conversations about their own public, interpersonal, and group communication. Our center is a judgement-free space in which out coaches’ primary goal is to help students achieve their personal goals. Some students make appointments to receive support on completing oral communication requirements for course assignments (both Communication courses and those outside the discipline), while others have personal or professional oral communication goals they wish to focus on.

COMM Center

Services We Offer

  • Help integrating sources and citations into a presentation
  • Assistance brainstorming to identify a topic that is appropriate for the assignment
  • Assistance identifying and evaluating sources and evidence
  • Help developing effective PowerPoints and other presentation aids
  • Feedback and support refining speaking outlines
  • Feedback on presentation delivery
  • Nonverbal and verbal delivery feedback for interview skills and elevator pitch delivery
  • Feedback on group and team presentations (bring your entire group!)

To schedule an appointment, follow the steps below:

  1. Register with us online
  2. Login to our online scheduler, and
  3. Make an appointment.

*White boxes are the slots available for you to schedule an appointment. Green = unavailable times, blue (f2f) & red (zoom) = already booked appointments.