Located in the Lab for Writing & Communication, Johnson Center 227E, the Communication Center supports students and faculty at George Mason University through one-on-one coaching focused on developing communication skills. We provide a safe place for students to receive feedback, ask questions, and have conversations about their own public, interpersonal, and group communication. Our center is a judgement-free space in which out coaches’ primary goal is to help students achieve their personal goals. Some students make appointments to receive support on completing oral communication requirements for course assignments (both Communication courses and those outside the discipline), while others have personal or professional oral communication goals they wish to focus on.

How can I schedule a Communication Center appointment?

To schedule an appointment, follow the steps below:

  1. Register with us online
  2. Login to our online scheduler, and
  3. Make an appointment. 
    *White boxes are the slots available for you to schedule an appointment. Green = unavailable times, blue (f2f) & red (zoom) = already booked appointments.

What counts as credit for a COMM 101 Communication Center appointment?

To receive credit for attending the Communication Center for COMM 101, you should:

  • complete substantial work on an assignment during your appointment such as...
    • the Explanatory Speech,
    • the Exploring Positionalities and Relationships speech
    • or the Deliberative Dialogue assignment. 
  • come with all the necessary materials for the specific assignment you wish to work on (e.g., outline, visual aid).
  • arrive on time; if you are 10 or more minutes late to your appointment, you will not receive credit.

What can I work on during an appointment?

In a Communication Center appointment for COMM 101 credit, you can work on a variety of communication skills, including:

  • topic development and organization.
  • research and APA citations.
  • visual aids and outlining.
  • speech rehearsal.

No Show and Cancellation Policies

  • If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, you lose the exclusive right to that appointment, and the session may be given to a walk-in student.
  • After two missed appointments (or what we call “no-shows”) you are prohibited from booking further appointments for the current term, and your existing appointments will be canceled. You may, however, use the Communication Center on a walk-in basis. 
  • Sessions may be canceled up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session. Clients who do not cancel in time and fail to appear for a session will be counted as a “no-show”. 

Clients who abuse the scheduling system or our policies are no longer eligible to receive our services.