Center Management

CHRC Director, Gary Kreps, University Professor

CHRC Co-Directors, Xiaoquan Zhao and Kevin Wright, Professors.(The Co-Director administrative roles were introduced this year to expand the leadership of the CHRC and to establish a succession strategy for providing continuing leadership and growth for the Center as Gary Kreps moves towards retirement from the university over the next several years).

Director of the Communication, Health, and Relational Media (CHARM) Lab, Sojung Kim, Assistant Professor. (The CHARM Lab, directed by Dr. Kim, provides a valuable research facility and advanced research technologies that are available for use by CHRC scholars to conduct advanced health and risk communication research).

Graduate Student Engagement Coordinators, Adebanke Adebayo and Rochelle Davidson Mhonde.(These doctoral students are helping the CHRC introduce new health and risk communication student engagement programs, including sharing relevant research bibliographies, a research  article reading archive, an archive of student research reports, course syllabi collections, internship-fellowship-job posts, health and risk communication event board, research colloquia, meetings with visiting scholars, online research chat groups, research project updates, film series, and participation in pilot research projects).