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Undergraduate Student Information:

The Communication Degree at George Mason University combines a rich study of how humans understand one another and work together, while providing immediately translatable skills and knowledge valued across industries. Undergraduate students will learn how to create and manage public and media relations plans, craft social media campaigns, produce videos, write news and entertainment media, produce television and radio programs, and more. Students will learn effective tools and techniques, how to select the best ones for each task, and how to analyze problems and develop creative solutions. They will do this through the concentrations and minors that our program offers.

In April 2020, Dr. Catherine Wright, Undergraduate Academic Advising Director and Dr. Megan Tucker, BA Program Director participated in a forum for prospective students where we answered many questions about our program. We encourage you to review this hour-long session so you can get a sense of who we are and what we do in the Department of Communication. Watch the forum here.

If you have any questions about our program, please email badir@gmu.edu for more information.

Graphic by Meg Tucker

Graphic designed by Dr. Meg Tucker


The Mason Communication Experience:

There are many benefits students will gain from pursuing a degree in Communication at Mason. Besides knowledge and experience that will help them in the professional world, students are given the opportunity to participate in various COMM activities and organizations. If they are interested in Public Relations, students are encouraged to join the Public Relations Student Society of American (PRSSA). If students are interested in Journalism, they are also encouraged to join the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and can even participate in the WGMU Radio station and the student-run newspaper the Fourth Estate.

The department is also home to two of the university's top-ranked competitive student activities: Mason Forensics and Mason Debate. Both of these teams are widely successful in a majority of the competitions they compete in and are well known across the country. The vast amount of interesting and enriching courses the department offers also benefit students, below you can catch a glimpse of what topics are discussed and classes and have a more in depth look of what they are like:

Please check out a video highlighting the 2017 Communication Student Welcome Back event created by professor David Miller. 



Undergraduate student testimonials and experiences with the Mason Communication program:

"No two days working in the communication field are going to be alike. I was surprised to discover there are so many career opportunities in the communication field." -Sophia, a communication major


"What I love most about Mason's Communication Department is how I learned to tell a story so many different ways. I loved my theory classes to my PR and journalism classes. I feel prepared for the real world." - Lottye, a recent communication major who interned at the White House


"It's like a family. All of my communication professors knew me on a first-name basis." - Jenny, a recent communication graduate


"The faculty make the students feel like they are part of something special. When you get to Mason, join us in the Communication Department and you'll see!" - Cat, a senior communication major


"Being able to be a part of all of the student communication organizations made me feel like I was a part of the department from day one." -Bethany, a communication major and active student leader


Communication Industry Forum: Pathways to Your Future #COMMForum2018

Pathways To Your Future

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