Sevil Suleymani

Sevil Suleymani

Sevil Suleymani

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Sevil Suleymani is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at George Mason University, with an emphasis on gender and globalization. Her research interests are minorities in the Middle East and social movements, gender regimes in Middle Eastern communities, and feminist and queer movements in Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran. She graduated with her master's degree in Women's Studies at San Diego State University, where her thesis research focused on Azerbaijani women in Iran through exploring their oppression, empowerment, and agency. 
She worked as a Graduate Assistant at the Digital Scholarship Center at the Fenwick Library as a qualitative specialist, facilitating workshops on qualitative data and software. Also, she is a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Communication and teaches COMM 101. 

Selected Publications

Suleymani, S. (2019).  Futurities of Beauty and the Scalpel: Cosmetic Surgeries and Fatphobia in Iran. Fat Studies, 1–16.

Khawar, S., Suleymani, S., Rodriguez, B., & Rothblum, E.D. (2018). Review of Woman’s Embodied Self: Feminist Perspectives on Identity and Image. Psychology of Women Quarterly.


Ph.D. in Sociology, George Mason University (in progress)

M.A. in Women's Studies, San Diego State University (2018)

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