Sara M. Mathis

Sara M. Mathis

Assistant Professor

Communication Education, Instructional Communication, Critical Theory, Qualitative Methods

Dr. Sara Mathis is the Introductory Course Coordinator and Assistant Professor Instructional in the Department of Communication.  This is her fourth year at George Mason University.  Sara holds a B.S. in Speech Communication Education from Illinois State University, an MA in Communication from the University of New Mexico, and a PhD in Communication from the University of Utah.

Dr. Mathis is responsible for training, and supervising a staff of 40-60 instructors who teach 3500-4000 undergraduate students per year in Comm 101. 

Sara's research interests include: basic course pedagogy, graduate teacher assistant training, curriculum development, assessment, and examination of identity(ies) in graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate students with emphasis on intersections of gender and race.

Selected Publications

Mathis, S. M. (2018). (Ed). Communication 101 Course Text. Ann Arbor, MI: Xanedu Publishing, Inc.

Mathis, S. M. (2017). Critical thinking and public argument: A community engagement experience. New York, NY: Macmillan.


Grants and Fellowships

Teaching & Learning Curriculum Grant 2017

Breeden Grant 2016

Courses Taught

George Mason University:

Comm 653: Instructional Communication

Comm 101: Fundamentals of Communication

Previous Institutions:

Public Speaking

Fundamentals of Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Critical Thinking & Public Argument

Small Group Communication

Introduction to Communication Theory

Communication for Teachers




University of Utah, PhD 

University of New Mexico, MA

Illinois State University, BS