Jenny Mischel

Jenny Mischel

Graduate Research Assistant

bullying and cyberbullying behavior, coping, coping strategies, resiliency, self-efficacy beliefs, self-regulation of emotions

Jenny is a Doctoral Candidate in the College of Education and Human Development. Her area of specialization is Educational Psychology with a secondary emphasis in Teaching and Teacher Education. Her primary research focus is on bullying/cyberbullying behavior, coping strategies, self-regulatory strategies to prevent or overcome such experiences, and self-efficacy beliefs in capability to do so. She also believes in the saliency of sharing effective self-regulatory processes with teachers in order to reduce stress levels within the classrooms, and teacher’s personal lives, by teaching strategies that promote a positive classroom learning environment where all students have the capacity to be successful.


Current Research

Currently, Jenny's focus is on her dissertation research exploring middle school student perceptions of online interactions, coping strategies, and self-efficacy beliefs in ability to enact a coping strategy. Additionally, she is working with colleagues on creating courses and professional development workshops to teach self-regulation of emotion strategies to aid pre-service and fully serviced teachers.

Selected Publications

Mischel, J., & Kitsantas, A. (submitted). Middle school students’ perceptions of school climate and bullying prevalence.

Berkeley, S., Annetta, L., Mischel, J., Kurz, L.A., & Menditto, A. (in progress). Engagement and students with learning disabilities: Tip of the iceberg or house of cards?

Berkeley, S., Mischel, J., & Cones, I. (in progress). Impacts from goal setting strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities.

Mischel, J. (in progress). Vignettes as vehicles for defining and assessing cyberbullying among middle school children.


Grants and Fellowships

 Awarded GMU Dissertation Research Fellowship (2018): $1800

Claire Ellen Weinstein Mentorship Program Participants (August 2017). American Psychological Association

Courses Taught

COMM 101

EDEP 632


B.A. Liberal Studies

Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential

Language Development Specialist Credential

M.A. Psychology

Bullying Prevention Specialist Credential

Doctoral Candidate in Educational Psychology

Recent Presentations

Berkeley, S., Whitehead, A.* Mischel, J.*, Menditto, A.*, Kurz, L.*, & Annetta, L. (2017, April).  Science engagement and knowledge application of middle-school students with learning disabilities through student-created serious educational games.  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association, San Antonio, TX.

Berkeley, S., Menditto, A., Whitehead, A., & Mischel, J. (2017, July). Examining the role of attributions in the self-regulation of science learning for students with learning disabilities. Poster presented at the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Mischel, J., & Kitsantas, A. (2017, August).  Middle school students’ perceptions of school climate and bullying prevalence, Poster presented at American Psychological Association, Washington D.C.

Mischel, J., Sheridan, K., and Kitsantas, A. (2017, November). The development and initial validation of cyberbullying vignettes. Poster Presentation at the International Bullying Prevention Association, Nashville, TN.

Mischel, J., & Kitsantas, A. (2018, August). Vignettes as vehicles for defining and assessing cyberbullying among middle school children, Poster presented at American Psychological Association, San Francisco.

Mischel, J. (2018, November). Conceptual framework of bullying victimization and resiliency, Ted-inspired Talk presented at the International Bullying Prevention Conference, San Diego.