College of Humanities and Social Sciences

COMM 341: Forensics Seminar in Recreative Arts

COMM 341-001: Forensics Sem Re-Creative Arts
(Spring 2017)

Robinson B111

Section Information for Spring 2017

This course serves as an opportunity for students on the university forensics team to receive course credit for their contribution to the program. Students will develop an appreciation for a litany of forensics events ranging from interpretation to public address to limited preparation speaking. Students will also have the opportunity to travel regionally and nationally for competition representing the university. Part of the forensics seminar also trains students in the day to day operations of running a forensics program, including the hosting of regional and sometimes national tournaments on the high school and college level.

This course may only be taken by members of the Forensics Team.

COMM 341 001 meets Saturdays, 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 1 credit.

Intensive work in various types of recreative forensics events, including dramatic duo, program interpretation, poetry interpretation, dramatic interpretation, and prose interpretation. May be repeated within the term for a maximum 4 credits.
Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of 60 hours, or 4 hours of COMM 141. Audition required.
Schedule Type: Seminar

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