The Insight Committee

The Insight Committee of the GMU Department of Communication was formed to build and enhance relationships between the department, the students and the larger community of practicing public relations and communication professionals. The committee also strives to maintain an ongoing dialogue that helps focus the department’s research and teaching efforts as a means of meeting and furthering the needs of the professional communication community.

The Insight Committee meets several times a year and appoints sub-committees from time-to-time to lead the development of specific programs that support its key missions. The annual GMU Student/Industry Communications Forum is one of these outreach programs, with others focusing on career enhancement and communication job fairs.


Committee Members:

Katherine Boettrich

Chief Communications Officer

INOVA Health


Christopher R. Brewster

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP


Andrew Cuneo

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications



Carolyn Cuppernull

Director, Business Development

Inmarsat Government


Marie Dyak


The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC)

Executive Producer, EIC Productions


Patrick Delaney

Director, External Affairs

U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry


Kate Houston Gatto

Vice President of Communications

National Alliance of Forest Owners


Gavin Gibbons

Vice President, Communications 

National Fisheries Institute


Tonya Klause

Communications Director



Robert Krueger

Executive Communications Manager



John Lippman

Deputy Director for Programming

Voice of America


Clay McConnell, Chair

Vice President, Communications

Airbus Americas Inc.


Suzanne Mims

Marketing Director/Adjunct Professor at George Mason University

Sickels, Frei & Mims LLP


Julie Litzenberger Murphy, Vice Chair of Insight Committee

Partner & SVP, PR

Sage Communications, LLC


Anne Nicotera

Chair, Department of Communication

George Mason University

Rana Novack

Founder and Program Manager

Global Volunteer Corps for Refugees and CiC, IBM


Lana Petruzzo

Senior Manager, Global Corporate Communications



Dan Rene

Senior Vice President



Logan Rice

News Bureau Lead

Northrop Grumman


Marcella Robertson




Mark Root

Head of Marketing and Communications



Sergei Samoilenko

Faculty Member, Department of Communication

George Mason University


Danny Selnick

Senior VP

Strategic Markets


Angela Sweeney

Vice President & CMO

Peterson Companies


Kate Sweeney, Faculty Liaison

Faculty Member, Department of Communication

George Mason University


Chad Tragakis

Director, Communications

Northrop Grumman Corporation