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All majors welcome! 

For those who like to write or edit behind the scenes, report or interview in front of the camera, and everyone in between who will hide behind trees or go undercover for a story.

#SPJ is the organization where you can meet industry experts, take trips to media outlets, and grow as a professional. Grab a friend and come to our first meeting this Tuesday Jan. 31 at 5PM in HUB RM 1012.


The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is an organization on campus for young, aspiring journalists to meet, learn and grow together through professional networking and the help of their peers.

The Mason chapter of SPJ is largely run by students and guided by its faculty advisor, Beth Jannery. It is an excellent organization for anyone with an interest or passion for journalism and writing, and members are not required to have a major or minor in journalism. This is also a good organization to join if you are looking to get involved and hold a leadership position on campus. Most significantly, the highest benefit of joining is the many networking opportunities. For example, even though SPJ at Mason is young, the D.C. chapter is well established and works with us so we may attend conferences and events with numerous established journalist professionals in attendance. By going to such conferences, you as a member will be able to learn a lot, all while gaining potential work contacts.

SPJ Blog: 

Check out this article featured on the CHSS website that describes what SPJ does for aspiring student journalists on campus!

Mission Statement

As a professional society, we pride ourselves in upholding a high standard of journalism and the first amendment, and in striving to create a place where those with a passion can grow and thrive among those who share that passion with them.