Our People

Emma Haus:


Hi! My name is Emma Haus and this is my first year working in the communication center! I am a Junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Sports Management and concentrating in Public Relations and Media Studies. I am from Fredericksburg, VA. I have always been really passionate about communication and PR. Outside of school, you’ll find me hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. (My favorite show at the moment is That 70’s Show) I am also a part of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta on campus. I am a huge fan of the Washington Nationals and excited to share that I will also be interning with the Washington Capitals this season! I am so excited to be able to help other students in becoming more confident in themselves when speaking and interacting with others. 

Schedule an appointment with Emma at: https://commcenter.as.me/emma



Bhagya Nair:

COMM Center

 Hi Patriots! My name is Bhagya Nair and I am a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Business Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM). I was born in the state of Kerala in South India but, my family and I immigrated to the United States when I was three years old and I was raised and schooled in the United States. I am fluent in my native tongue, Malayalam but being raised in the US has made me fluent in English too. I have lived in Richmond, Virginia for most of my life and currently live on campus in the Business and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community. I absolutely love Business and the coursework that goes along with the major. Aside from vigorously keeping up with my classes, I like to be actively involved on campus. I am a member of Mason Mahima, an Indian classical dance team on campus, Indian Student Association, and ISOM club. This year I am also the treasurer of GMU Maaza, a club on campus dedicated to diversity, as well as being part of the Registration board of Tu Bhi Nachle, an Indian classical and fusion dance competition hosted by George Mason University. When I’m not running from class to club, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the gym, and watching Netflix. This is my first-year coaching with the Communication Center, and I am super excited! I enjoy giving speeches to live audiences, but I didn’t find out that it was something I enjoyed until I was required to take a public speaking class in my junior year of high school. Being a part of the Leadership, Government, and Global Economics specialty center at Douglas S. Freeman High School, an ethics class required all center students to give four timed, individual speeches and after the first speech, where many of my classmates were inspired and in awe of my speech, I found out that I enjoy bringing amazement to people through my words. During my first semester of freshman year of college, I took Communication 101 which was one of my favorite classes in my schedule. Outside of school, I love to dance. I have been an active participant of Indian Classical Dance for 13 years of my life and continue to take part in it. I also love to watch and try other forms of dance from Bollywood to salsa.

Schedule an appointment with Bhagya at: https://commcenter.as.me/bhagya


Tom Murabito: 

COMM Center

I'm Tom, I'm a junior studying government at GMU, and I love Communication. I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but I have worked at the Comm Center for 2 years now. In addition to working at the Comm Center, I compete on the GMU Forensics Team in which I write and give speeches nationally. If you need help with your fear of public speaking, delivery of a speech, or literally anything to do with Communication, feel free to schedule a session with me! 

Schedule an appointment with Tom at:  https://commcenter.as.me/tom



Emily Beck: 

COMM Center

Emily is a senior majoring in business management here at Mason. She is also a fourth-year member of GMU's policy debate team, so she has had ample time to hone skills related to clear, efficient communication, as well as how to tackle the fear of speaking in front of other people. She took COMM101 in the fall of 2016 for the Mason Core, as well as a class specializing in business communication in the fall of 2018.

Schedule an appointment with Emily at: https://commcenter.as.me/emily



Mary Beth:

COMM Center 

Hi, my name is Mary Beth Armstrong. I am an environmental and sustainability studies major with a concentration in equity and environmental justice and will graduate from Mason in December 2020. I am originally from Des Moines, Iowa. I have been a part of the Mason debate team going on 2 years but competed in debate 4 years prior to that. I have worked at the GMU Communication Center since Fall 2018. I love helping students figure out how to integrate their passions into their assignments, overcome fears of public speaking, and cultivate better research practices. Outside of school I enjoy trying new restaurants, frequenting bookstores, and hiking.

Schedule an appointment with Mary Beth at: https://commcenter.as.me/marybeth



Ben Biggs: 

COMM Center

Hi, I'm Ben Biggs, I am an out of state student originally from Tucson, AZ entering my senior year at Mason. I am a Government and International Politics major who enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the area. This will be my second year as a coach at the Comm Center, I previously took Comm 100 and have been a member of the debate team for four years now. I have a lot of experience helping with all Comm 100 and 101 assignments and am very good with developing research skills as well as interviewing.

Schedule an appointment with Ben at: https://commcenter.as.me/ben



Logan Ludwig: 

COMM Center

Hi! My name is Logan Ludwig, I’m a senior at Mason and a coach here at the Communication Center. I’m a Marketing major that grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is my first year working at the Communication Center. I debated here at Mason for 3 years, starting as a novice and working up to a Varsity level, and some of my other hobbies include hiking and playing video games. When I came to Mason as a freshman, public speaking was something that gave me some anxiety, and I’m excited to be able to help fellow students with some of the same troubles I personally had. I am looking forward to helping any student refine their delivery for speeches, delve into some useful research practices, or anything else communication related!

Schedule an appointment with Logan at: https://commcenter.as.me/logan



Nick Steinmetz: 

COMM Center

Hi, my name is Nick Steinmetz and I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a Government and International Politics major with History and Women and Gender Studies minors. I compete on Mason’s nationally ranked Speech team and have been a part of competitive speaking for 8 years. I love helping students search for topics and assist with the delivery of speeches. When I’m not in school, I’m watching college football (Go Gators!), literally any reality show and jamming to some musicals.

Schedule an appointment with Nick at: https://commcenter.as.me/nick



JD Waters: 

COMM Center

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, JD is a current sophomore at George Mason studying Government and Public Policy. He enjoys spending time outdoors including biking and stargazing, and also enjoys building and flying model aircraft in his free time. He benefited from the Communication Center last semester as a COMM 101 student and looks forward to providing that same benefit to students this semester. He enjoys public speaking and is experienced in PowerPoint presenting, both skills that he is excited to bring to the Communication Center as a coach.

Schedule an appointment with JD at: https://commcenter.as.me/jd



Noah Graham: 

COMM Center

Hello, my name is Noah Graham, and I was born in Wichita, Kansas and lived there all my life until I came to GMU as a freshman in the fall of 2018. At Mason I am in the Schar school pursuing a degree in public administration with a minor in international security. I have been working on my own speech skills since I joined the debate team in my freshman year of high school. I now debate competitively for Mason and hope to use what I’ve learned to help other students become more confident in themselves and their public speaking.

Schedule an appointment with Noah at: https://commcenter.as.me/noah



Habiba Ahmed:

 COMM Center

My name is Habiba Ahmed. I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and I like to call Fairfax, VA my second home. I am a government and international politics major and I am graduating in Spring 2020. I have been working at the Comm Center since it opened in Fall 2019 and it has been an absolute pleasure working with students on the delivery, communication and research of topics they are passionate about. Since I moved to the United States as an adult, I am familiar with any nervousness that comes with public speaking especially for ESL students. I am also a varsity member of the GMU debate team which helped gain valuable communication and research skills. Outside of academia, I enjoy travelling and going on coffee dates with my friends.

Schedule an appointment with Habiba at: https://commcenter.as.me/habiba



Kyler Buckner: 

COMM Center

Hi, my name is Kyler Buckner and I grew up in a town outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m a second-year student at Mason pursuing a B.A. in Sociology. In high school, I competed in policy debate for all four years and I now participate on Mason’s varsity debate team. I’m developing proficiency in American Sign Language which places a heavy emphasis on facial expressions and bodily gestures as a form of communication. I think speeches are made in the margins and I enjoy helping people improve the ‘little things’ to polish their ability to communicate. When I’m not doing school or debate, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, and cooking.

Schedule an appointment with Kyler at: https://commcenter.as.me/kyler  


Briana Stewart: 

COMM Center

Hi, my name is Briana Stewart and I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia. Before coming to Mason, I received my B.A in Communication from Christopher Newport University. After graduating from CNU, I worked for one year in Arlington, VA at an investment services firm. Now, I am pursuing an M.A in Strategic Communication and will graduate in May 2020. I have had the opportunity to teach Comm 100 and Comm 101 and have worked at the GMU Communication Center since Spring 2019. I enjoy helping students find topics they are passionate about, improve their nonverbals, and understand how to apply the lessons learned from their assignments to “real world” situations. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, playing with my Dachshund puppy (Stanlee), traveling, and trying new foods.



Andie Malterud:

COMM Center 

Hi, my name is Andie Malterud and I am the Communication Center Coordinator. I am a doctoral candidate in the Communication Department with a specialization in heath and instructional communication. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at South Dakota State University majoring in Communication with minors in health communication and history. I am currently writing my dissertation on e-cigarette usage and have always been interested in learned health behaviors. I am also currently teaching Comm 400: Research Methods, so if you have any questions about research, I would be happy to help. I was a competitive speaker for eight years and enjoy helping people practice their delivery and integrating interesting research into their speeches.

Come visit me at the Communication Center, I would love the chance to work with you to improve any aspect of your communication skills. I have worked on a variety of topics ranging from stigma to international students use of e-health to the historical religious context of Samhain. Whatever your topic, I can help.



Farah Latif: 

COMM Center

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Communication with a research focus on reputation management. I serve as the public relations coordinator for the Communication Center. Although not currently teaching, I have taught both COMM 100 and 101. My favorite thing about teaching has been noticing the “aha” moments on students’ faces (and often having one myself). I truly believe that communication courses help improve personal as well as professional lives. I was born and raised in Pakistan. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, trying new cuisines traveling, and photography. I am glad I am not made to write about myself in the third person.



Melissa Broeckelman-Post (Ph.D., Ohio University, 2009):

COMM Center

is the Introductory Communication Course Director and an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and a Senior Scholar in the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University.  She is responsible for planning, supervising, assessing, and improving the communication courses that meet the general education requirement at GMU.  Each year, she is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising a staff of 50-60 instructors who teach 3700-4000 undergraduate students per year in these courses.  In 2016, her program was the recipient of the NCA Basic Course Division Program of Excellence Award, which recognizes introductory communication course programs that can serve as best practice models for programs across the country.  In 2015, she was the recipient of the NCA Basic Course Division Textbook of Distinction Award for the textbook that she extensively adapted to meet the specific needs to GMU’s students, instructors, and program.  Dr. Broeckelman-Post is also serving as the co-chair of the Social Science Research Council’s Measuring College Learning Project Panel on Pubic Speaking as was a co-recipient of a National Communication Association Advancing the Discipline Grant for A National-Level Assessment of Core Competencies in the Basic Communication Course.