Communication Classes - Fall 2020 Registration Information and FAQs

Communication Classes - Fall 2020 Registration Information and FAQs

Note from Your Advising Team:

Due to the uncertainty with whether or not Fall classes will be online, in-person, or a combination of both, a new schedule had to be created on April 30. This was an enormous undertaking and we are grateful for our department scheduler's quick attention to this situation as it unfolds.

The currently published schedule offers us the most flexibility to adjust to the final decision of online vs. face-to-face courses. Course format for online courses with synchronous meeting patterns may become face-to-face courses to the extent that university policy and public health guidelines allow. Please see FAQs on p. 2 for more information.

Our adjustments to make this flexibility possible changed the CRNs of most of our courses. If you get an error message saying you need departmental approval to register, you are more than likely using an old CRN. Please look up the new CRN on the current live course schedule for the fall and use that one to register.

We appreciate your patience as we work on your behalf to make sure you will have the coursework you need to progress to your degree. Things change daily, and we are dedicated to creating a flexible schedule and to make sure you have all the information you need as things change. It is a very unusual time. We do have your best interests at heart and in mind.

Please reach out to course professors with questions you have about their classes.  Please make an advising appointment at if you have specific advising questions. 

We are in this together, and we appreciate your patience while we work through this evolving and complex situation.


COMM Classes - Fall 2020 Registration FAQs

Why are COMM classes suddenly all online? I’m confused.

- Many, but not all COMM courses are listed in an online format. The COMM department has created a schedule with many synchronous (meets in real time) online courses in anticipation of the likely possibility that Fall semester will need to be partly, mostly, or entirely online. This schedule keeps the time slot in your schedule, making it easier to change it to a regular
face-to-face class to the extent that university policy, public health guidelines, and common sense allow. If synchronous online classes change to face-to-face format, it is possible that you may be asked to drop a class and add it back in with a different CRN. We will try to avoid that.

What is the difference between a ‘synchronous’ versus an ‘asynchronous’ course?

- Synchronous courses are online and have required login virtual meeting times listed. Asynchronous courses are online and do NOT require specified login times or virtual meetings. In the schedule, asynchronous courses have “TBA” listed instead of meeting times. Asynchronous courses (noted TBA) will remain in that format regardless of any university announcement allowing regular face-to-face classes.

Will there be regular face-to-face COMM courses in Fall 2020?

- We hope so. Some courses are still in the schedule as regular face-to-face classes. Courses that are in the schedule as online with synchronous (real-time) meeting patterns MAY become regular face-to-face courses if we are allowed to do so. If that happens, it is possible that you may be asked to drop a class and add it back in with a different CRN. We will try to avoid that.

I tried to register and I got a “Department Approval” error message… Can I not enroll in this course?

- The CRNs for many classes have changed. Double check the Schedule of Classes link for the most updated CRN and try to register again.

My other classes aren’t online. Is the university online?

- You should most likely expect to see other departments making similar changes as we progress through these uncertain and turbulent times.

Why does my online class say “TBA” for the time? What does that mean? Will the time be announced later?

- This means the class is asynchronous and online. These classes will remain as online courses even if other classes change to meeting in person. Your instructor will provide information on the
requirements for the class.

Why is no one answering the email I sent to advising?

- Our advisors check emails during business hours (9am-5pm), Monday through Friday. They will try to respond to your questions within 24 hours during those business hours. Your patience is appreciated as there are multiple students who have numerous questions. If you have specific advising questions, please make an appointment using this link for the fastest response: 

Will I be charged a distance education fee for online courses?

- This fee has been waived for the summer offerings, and we anticipate an announcement about distance education fees as part of the comprehensive university response.

I am an international student on an F1 visa, what should I do?

- Please contact the Office of International Programs and Services:


Please click here to download the Fall 2020 Registration Information and FAQs.