Application Process

Preparing to Apply

Before applying, meet with the director of your undergraduate BA program. You can do so by going to and selecting Accelerated MA Advising

In the advising appointment you will want to:

  • Verify that you meet admissions standards
  • Go over your schedule for completion of the undergraduate degree
  • Plan appropriate graduate course work to complete while in undergrad program
  • Be familiar with the policies for accelerated master's programs


When to Apply

If you meet the admissions standards you can begin the application.

Access the Accelerated Master’s Application Guide for more information.

What you will need to compile for the application

    • Three letters of reference from faculty in the department, one of which must be a graduate faculty member. One letter must be from the BA program director, completed during the advising appointment. Email for clarification
    • Applicants must also submit a curriculum vitae (a resume which details their academic/professional accomplishments)
    • Applicants must a goals statement including why they think the accelerated Masters would be a good fit for them.

Post Application

The application is processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions. If approved, you will receive a letter of admission to the accelerated master’s program and a graduate admissions approval letter for the term you officially begin the master’s program.

The official date for the start of your master’s degree is the semester immediately following your undergraduate graduation.

Accelerated master’s students must graduate from their undergraduate program in the semester specified on their application to the accelerated degree program. Changes to the timeline for conferral of the undergraduate degree must receive written approval by the graduate program director. Students must meet the University’s accelerated master’s program policies.

Failure to meet the terms of admission will result in termination from the accelerated master’s program


Transitioning from BA to MA in the Accelerated Path


Once the student has conferred the BA degree, and prior to the semester they begin the MA, they must contact the graduate coordinator to complete transition process. They will also meet the MA director to plan the rest of their MA degree coursework.