Developing Skills

A common element in all communication is the message. A fundamental question that faces practitioners in every Communication sub-discipline is: how can you craft a message that will be effective to your purpose, based on the channel you are using and the audience you are addressing?

Students in the Department of Communication have a variety of ways to develop better communication skills in any of the sub-disciplines. Many people associate communication with public speaking skills, but many other skills are developed as well, including listening, group problem-solving, critical analysis, research, writing, and digital media production skills. When businesses and employers are asked about the top skills they look for when hiring graduates, the most common response is that communication skills are increasingly recognized as one of the most valuable skills needed by college graduates (Hart, 2018). 


Hart Research Associates (2018). Fulfilling the American dream: Liberal education and the future of work. Selected findings from online surveys of business executives and hiring managers.