Alumni News/Notes

Cummings, Sean, BA '15, is the Institute Associate at the American Repertory Theater in charge of marketing and development.

Pizzingrilli, Kelly, BA '15, is the Market Research Analyst for the Nielsen Company.

Willett, Kristen, PhD '15, is an adjuct faculty member in the communication department at Mason.

Sanders, Brittany, BA ’14, is the Graduate Programs Coordinator and Assistant Office Manager in the Communication Department at George Mason University.

Sutton, Roxanne, BA, ‘11 is a Senior Marketing and Communication Specialist at National Recreation and Park Association.

Anderson, LaKesha, PhD, ’10, is the Assistant Director for Academic and Professional Affairs at Johns Hopkins University; graduate faculty of the Kreiger School of Arts and Sciences in the Advanced Academic Program at Johns Hopkins University.

Harriston, Marisa, BA ’10, is a Communications Projects Specialist at Goodwill Industries International.

Carabelli, Maria, BA ’09, is the Budget Coordinator and HR Liason for the Department of Communication at George Mason University. She is married to Giuseppe, with one son, Giacomo, who is 11 months old.

DeGorgi, Erin, BA '09, is a Corporate Marketing Communications Associate for comScore, Inc.

Sanders, Christina, BA ’09, is a TelePresence Specialist for Collaborative Video Technologies, Enterprise Infrastructure at George Mason University.

Tucker, Meg, MA ’09, works at the National Communication Association office in DC. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the communication department at Mason.

Shackelford, Lydia Fair, BA ’07, is the Director of Policy Communications at Well+Association.

Delaney, Patrick, BA ’07, is a TDM Communication Specialist at American Soybean Association. He married on October 3, 2014. He is married to Katie and they have a 3 year old daughter, Lucy.

Randolph (Winans), Jill, BA ’05, is a Broadcast and Print Journalist at Miami Media.

Russini, Dianna, BA '05, was previously an NBC Washington sports anchor who now has a position with ESPN.

Coates, Tanika, BA '04, is the Director for STEM Educational Initiatives. In 2011, she graduated with a Masters in Organizational Management from Trinity Washington University located in DC. She started a new job in July 2014 at AFCEA Educational Foundation as Director of STEM Educational Initiatives and was previously a Manager of Professional Development at the American Institute of Architects.

Mocharko, George, BA ’00, is a Marketing Communications Consultant at GeoTech Consulting, LLC.

Rummler, Megan, BA '96, is currently working on a documentary that promotes awareness of dyslexia, soon to be released this fall 2015! Find her on Facebook for more updates:

Ward, Patricia A., BA ’87, is an Account Manager at Washington Post Media.

Lemmon, Catherine, BA '86, is an IT Systems Architect for the Fairfax County Department of Public Works & Environmental Services.