Welcome to the third edition of the communication alumni newsletter!

We are very proud of our faculty, alumni, and students, and as you look through the stories contained here, we think you will see why. Our Faculty Profiles show the wide variety of the activities of our faculty members and the wide variety of honors they have achieved.

Our Student Highlights introduce you to an amazing group of students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and the awards they have received for their work.

We will share the excitement of our Undergraduate Awards Ceremony, our Graduate Awards Ceremony, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences's Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the university's Fourth Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship.

Finally, we honor the career of one of our esteemed faculty members, Dr. Cindy Lont, as she retires from George Mason University after 31 years.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the newsletter. Keep in touch with us and join the Communication Alumni Society!