Faculty Profiles

Karen Akerlof: Karen Akerlof is a research faculty member. She conducted research and assessment of a community outreach program on saltmarsh restoration and sea-level rise and was the primary investigator: Akerlof, K. Research and Assessment for Pickering Creek Center’s Saltmarshes and Community Engagement program. Audubon, Maryland / DC. $20,000. She also conducted Maryland statewide surveys and message testing for the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland and was a co-primary investigator with Dr. Edward Maibach:  Akerlof, K. & Maibach, E. W. Establishing a Climate Change Communication Coalition in Maryland. Town Creek Foundation. $200,000.

Xiaomei Cai: Xiaomei Cai is a full time faculty member in the department. She received the OSCAR Mentoring Excellence Award at the 4th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship.

Michael Dickerson: Michael Dickerson is a full time faculty member. He received a beautiful clock and an award from the communication department thanking him for his seven years of work producing the Communicator, a student magazine written by his Communication 411 (Public Relations Practicum) students. He also concluded thirteen years of successfully teaching the London International Public Relations Class.

Carla L. Fisher: Carla L. Fisher is a full time faculty member She won the National Communicator Association (NCA) 2014 Top Paper Award, District of Columbia Health Communication (DCHC) 2015 Poster Award, International Communication Association 2015 Top Panel Award, and Communication Graduate Student Association 2015 Graduate Mentor of the Year Award.

Bob Inglis: Bob Inglis is a research faculty member. He was named the recipient of the 2015 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award this year.

Paul LeValley: Paul LeValley is an adjunct faculty member. He is the executive director of Arlington Independent Media, which plans to launch a new community radio station this year. 

Edward Maibach: Edward Maibach is a full time faculty member.and is also the director of the Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) at Mason. He took part on the panel “Actionable Information for Prevention: From Science to Social Media” as part of the White House Public Health and Climate Change Summit, broadcast live from the White House on June 23, 2015.

David J. Miller: David J. Miller is a full time faculty member. He won the Effective Practice Award at the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium, presented by the Online Learning Consortium.

Mona Sarfaty: Mona Sarfaty is an affiliate faculty member. She won a grant award from the Georgetown University Environment Initiative: Sarfaty, M., GMU P.I. & Wellbery, C., Georgetown P.I. Assess Medical Student Knowledge as a Prelude to Curriculum Development on Climate and Health. Georgetown Environment Initiative. $20,000.