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Minor in Sport Communication

The minor in sport communication offers students the opportunity to examine important and timely sports-related issues in an ethical context as well as analyze sports from cross-cultural perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of sport mass media, sport communication, sports reporting, interpersonal and organizational communication, and the impact each has in our global society. The courses cover theory and practice in cross-platform communication, sports ethics and theoretical underpinnings, public relations, and marketing. The minor provides applied fundamentals for students seeking employment in the commercial world of sports (areas such as management or promotion of athletic organizations) and in sports media.

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing this minor must complete 18 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor.

Four required courses (12 credits)

COMM 303 - Writing across the Media Credits: 3

COMM 320 - Business and Professional Communication Credits: 3

SPMT 201 - Introduction to Sport Management or SPMT 304 - Sport, Culture, and Society Credits: 3

SPMT 430 - Sport Communication Credits: 3

Two elective courses (6 credits), chosen from:

Special topics courses, when relevant, may be used to fulfill this requirement with the prior written approval of the director.  Depending on which courses students took as a required course (above), they may use either SPMT 201 or SPMT 304 as an elective. COMM majors are required to take one elective SPMT course.

COMM 204 - Introduction to Public Relations Credits: 3

COMM 305 - Foundations of Intercultural Communication Credits: 3

COMM 351 - News Writing and Reporting Credits: 3

COMM 356 - Video: Performance and Writing Credits: 3

COMM 359 - Media Management Credits: 3

COMM 361 - Online Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 371 - Sports Writing and Reporting Credits: 3

COMM 372 - Sports and the Media Credits: 3

SPMT 201 - Introduction to Sport Management Credits: 3

SPMT 302 - Philosophical and Ethical Dimensions of Sport Credits: 3

SPMT 304 - Sport, Culture, and Society Credits: 3

SPMT 318 - Diversity and Racial Issues in Sport Credits: 3

SPMT 405 - Sport Venues and Events Credits: 3

SPMT 412 - Sport Marketing and Sales Credits: 3

SPMT 420 - Economics and Finance in the Sport Industry Credits: 3

SPMT 440 - Global Perspectives in Sport Credits: 3

SPMT 455 - Governance and Policy in Sport Organizations Credits: 3

Total: 18 credits

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