College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Minor in Journalism

Journalism provides a cross-platform foundation with a focus on reporting, research techniques and writing style unique to online, print, broadcast, social media and database journalism.

This minor is not available to communication majors pursuing a concentration in journalism.

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing this minor must complete 18 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor.

Four required courses (12 credits)

COMM 303 - Writing across the Media Credits: 3

COMM 351 - News Writing and Reporting Credits: 3 or COMM 352 - News Editing: Print and Beyond Credits: 3

COMM 361 - Online Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 475 - Journalism Law Credits: 3

Two elective courses (6 credits) chosen from:

COMM 203 - Introduction to Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 351 - News Writing and Reporting Credits: 3 (if not taken as a required course)

COMM 352 - News Editing: Print and Beyond Credits: 3 (if not taken as a required course)

COMM 353 - Broadcast Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 370 - Feature Writing Credits: 3

COMM 371 - Sports Writing and Reporting Credits: 3

COMM 373 - Business and Economic Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 374 - Political Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 387 - Special Topics in Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 450 - Internship in Communication Credits: 3 (take 3 credits) When relevant, may be taken as elective with prior written approval of the director of the minor.

COMM 453 - Multimedia Journalism Credits: 3

COMM 454 - Free Speech and Ethics Credits: 3

COMM 455 - History of Journalism Credits: 3

Total: 18 credits

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