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Minor in Communication

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing the minor must complete 18 credits in communication. COMM 100 or COMM 101 cannot be used toward the minor. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor. Students must earn a minimum grade of 2.00 in all courses applied to the minor.

One required course (3 credits)

COMM 200 - Communication Theory Credits: 3

Two courses (6 credits) chosen from:

COMM 300 - Foundations of Public Communication Credits: 3

COMM 301 - Foundations of Interpersonal Communication Credits: 3

COMM 302 - Foundations of Media Theory Credits: 3

COMM 305 - Foundations of Intercultural Communication Credits: 3

One course (3 credits) that is public presentation intensive (PPI) chosen from:

Other courses that are PPI may be applied to this requirement with prior written approval of the director of the minor.

COMM 210 - Voice and Articulation Credits: 3

COMM 310 - Performance for Communication Arts Credits: 3

COMM 320 - Business and Professional Communication Credits: 3

COMM 356 - Video: Performance and Writing Credits: 3

COMM 440 - Ceremonial Speech Writing and Performance Credits: 3

Two elective courses (6 credits) in communication

Students choose any COMM course in consultation with an advisor.

Total: 18 credits

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