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Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona is a doctoral candidate and instructor in the Department of Communication. Her research focuses on family coping during health transitions and patient-provider communication and training. She is particularly interested in how illness uncertainty and communication about taboo/challenging topics are tied to health outcomes across the life span.

Current Research

Currently, Ms. Canzona is contributing to research centered on: (1) mother-daughter breast cancer coping, (2) technology, interpersonal commmunication, and prenatal care, and (3) patient-provider communication and lung cancer screening. Her dissertation examines breast cancer survivor, partner, and clinician narratives regarding sexual health in an effort to enhance biopsychosocial care.

Selected Publications

Kreps, G.L. & Canzona M. (in press). The Role of Communication and Information in Symptom Management. In E. Wittenberg Lyles, B. Ferrell, J. Goldsmith, T. Smith, S. Ragan, M. Glajchen, & G.  Handzo (Eds.). Textbook of Palliative Care Communication.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Ledford, C., Canzona, M., Cafferty, L. & Kalish, V. (in press). Negotiating the equivocality of palliative care: A grounded theory of team communicative processes in inpatient medicine. Health Communication.

Fisher, C.L. & Canzona, M. (2014).Health care interactions in older adulthood. In Lange, P. (Ed.), Handbook of Lifespan Communication. New York: Peter Lang.

Canzona, M., Peterson, E., Villagran, M. & Seehusen, D. (in press). Constructing and communicating privacy boundaries: How family medicine physicians manage patient requests for religious disclosure. Health Communication.

Villagran, M., Ledford, C. & Canzona, M. (in press). From taking orders to asking questions and making decisions: Health perceptions and behavior across women’s communicative transition from active-duty military to service veteran. Journal of Health Communication.

Ledford, C., Canzona, M., Seehusen, D., Cafferty, L., Schmidt, M., Huang, J. &. Villagran, M. (in press) Differences in physician communication when patients ask versus tell about religion/ spirituality: A pilot study. Family Medicine.

Villagran, M. Canzona, M. & Ledford, C. (2013). The milspouse battle rhythm: Communicating resilience throughout the deployment cycle. Health Communication, 28, 777-778.

Ledford, C., Seehusen, D. Canzona, M. & Cafferty, L (2013).Using a teaching OSCE to prompt learners to engage with patients who talk about religion and/or spirituality. Academic Medicine, 89(1), 1-6.

Kreps, G.L., Kim, P., Sparks, L., Neuhauser, L., Daugherty, C.G., Canzona, M., Kim, W., & Jun, J. (2013). Effective Health Advocacy to Promote Global Health:  The Case of the Global Advocacy Leadership Academy (GALA). International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences, 5(1 & 2), 66-78.

Courses Taught

COMM200: Communication Theory
COMM301: Interpersonal Communication Theory
COMM101: Interpersonal & Small Group Interaction
COMM100: Public Speaking                          

Guest Lecturer:

COMM720: Patient-Provider Health Communication
COMM304: Foundations of Health Communication
COMM5301: Empirical Methods in Communication Research

Teaching Assistant:

COMM399: Mother-Daughter Communication



B.A., Salem College - Winston-Salem, NC
M.A., Emerson College  - Boston, MA