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Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona

Mollie Rose Canzona is a doctoral candidate and instructor in the Department of Communication. Her research focuses on family coping during health transitions and patient-provider communication and training. She is particularly interested in how illness uncertainty and communication about taboo/challenging topics are tied to health outcomes across the life span.

Current Research

Currently, Ms. Canzona is contributing to research centered on: (1) mother-daughter breast cancer coping; (2) technology, interpersonal commmunication, and prenatal care; (3) patient-provider communication and lung cancer screening, and (4) online social support and disordered eating. Her dissertation examines breast cancer survivor, partner, and clinician narratives regarding sexual health in an effort to enhance biopsychosocial care.

Selected Publications

Kreps, G.L. & Canzona M. (in press). The Role of Communication and Information in Symptom Management. In E. Wittenberg Lyles, B. Ferrell, J. Goldsmith, T. Smith, S. Ragan, M. Glajchen, & G.  Handzo (Eds.). Textbook of Palliative Care Communication.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Ledford, C., Canzona, M., Cafferty, L. & Kalish, V. (in press). Negotiating the equivocality of palliative care: A grounded theory of team communicative processes in inpatient medicine. Health Communication.

Fisher, C.L. & Canzona, M. (2014).Health care interactions in older adulthood. In Lange, P. (Ed.), Handbook of Lifespan Communication. New York: Peter Lang.

Canzona, M., Peterson, E., Villagran, M. & Seehusen, D. (in press). Constructing and communicating privacy boundaries: How family medicine physicians manage patient requests for religious disclosure. Health Communication.

Villagran, M., Ledford, C. & Canzona, M. (in press). From taking orders to asking questions and making decisions: Health perceptions and behavior across women’s communicative transition from active-duty military to service veteran. Journal of Health Communication.

Ledford, C., Canzona, M., Seehusen, D., Cafferty, L., Schmidt, M., Huang, J. &. Villagran, M. (in press) Differences in physician communication when patients ask versus tell about religion/ spirituality: A pilot study. Family Medicine.

Villagran, M. Canzona, M. & Ledford, C. (2013). The milspouse battle rhythm: Communicating resilience throughout the deployment cycle. Health Communication, 28, 777-778.

Ledford, C., Seehusen, D. Canzona, M. & Cafferty, L (2013).Using a teaching OSCE to prompt learners to engage with patients who talk about religion and/or spirituality. Academic Medicine, 89(1), 1-6.

Kreps, G.L., Kim, P., Sparks, L., Neuhauser, L., Daugherty, C.G., Canzona, M., Kim, W., & Jun, J. (2013). Effective Health Advocacy to Promote Global Health:  The Case of the Global Advocacy Leadership Academy (GALA). International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences, 5(1 & 2), 66-78.

Courses Taught

COMM200: Communication Theory
COMM301: Interpersonal Communication Theory
COMM101: Interpersonal & Small Group Interaction
COMM100: Public Speaking                          

Guest Lecturer:

COMM720: Patient-Provider Health Communication
COMM304: Foundations of Health Communication
COMM5301: Empirical Methods in Communication Research

Teaching Assistant:

COMM399: Mother-Daughter Communication



B.A., Salem College - Winston-Salem, NC
M.A., Emerson College  - Boston, MA