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Marylanders Believe Climate Change Damages Health

A majority of Marylanders expect people's health in their communities to be affected by climate change in the next several years (55%), according to a new survey from the Center for Climate Change Communication in partnership with the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland.

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Media Panel Gives Career Advice to Students

The Department of Communication, The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Mason Chapter, The Office of Student Media and The Office of Career Services held a compelling evening event on 2/11 that included a Media Panel with speakers from CNN, USA Today, PBS and NewsPebbles (a crowdsourcing start-up).

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Why Black History Month?

Every February, college professors like myself are tasked with reminding students and the general public of the significance of Black History Month. Undoubtedly, many people understand the potential value behind a designated month dedicated to this part of American history.

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