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Unraveling Understandings of Feminism

When asking Mason students about their thoughts on feminism anonymously over the popular app, Yik Yak, responses varied from “it needs to be eradicated,” to “equality,” to “female extremists,” and to “Tumblr.” One person posted, “I feel like the ideals behind feminism are noble and necessary, it’s just being handled so poorly.”

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Send in the Clowns (and out the Elephants)

The circus is back in town. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus returned to the Patriot Center Wednesday Apr. 8 for its annual visit to Mason, an event that draws large crowds from the surrounding Fairfax area as well as the attention of animal rights activists.

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Communication Skills Are #1 Most Valued by Corporations

After reaching out to more than 1,000 MBA recruiters, Bloomberg Businessweek found that good communication skills are most sought after by employers. Recruiters who took the survey could were given a list of 14 employee skills and could chose up to five that they most wanted to see in potential employees.

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