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PR and Social Media Blog

Technology and social media have altered public relations as it has been practiced for the past 100 years, but teaching public relations at Mason is keeping pace. Students enrolled in fall semester's Contemporary Public Relations and Social Media are exploring the new world of PR, one tweet at a time.

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Communication Major to Require Fewer Theory Courses

The Department of Communication at George Mason University has finalized years of changes requiring fewer theory classes for a communications degree. The changes are an effort to teach more practical courses geared toward specific concentrations to prepare students for the real world.

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Survey Shows Maryland Strongly Supports Renewable Energy

A new survey from George Mason University in partnership with the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland demonstrates strong support for increasing the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources, like solar and wind, and mandated increases in the amount of renewable energy provided by electricity suppliers.

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Dr. Carla L. Fisher to Teach Course in Mother-Daughter Communication

The mother-daughter relationship can be both deeply intimate and tremendously complex. Using popular culture, films and TV shows, documentaries, short stories, research, and books, we can explore this unique tie from a variety of lens (sociological, cultural, historical, psychological, developmental, narrative, medical).

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