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State of the Student Body Fall 2014 Address

Student Body President Phil Abbruscato and Vice-President Dilan Wickrema spoke with Fourth Estate and Mason Cable Network during the first State of the Student Body address where they detailed what Student Government has accomplished this semester and what they plan to do in the future.

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Rising American Electorate Responds to Climate Change

Though climate change is not a top-tier issue for voters in the midterm elections, environmental groups are currently spending record amounts of money on environment and energy campaign ads, and candidates in hotly contested races are using the issue to distinguish themselves from their opponents.

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2014 Elections Recap: Republicans Triumph in Midterms

As the 2014 midterm elections wind down, here’s a brief recap of the major outcomes from important races in Virginia and around the nation and what those results mean for political control. Before Tuesday, the Senate makeup stood at 53 Democratic seats and 45 Republican seats, with 2 Independents.

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